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Luxury Yacht Rentals in Cabo San Lucas

Welcome to "Luxury Yachts in Cabo San Lucas". The best yacht charters available we gather them here.
Chartering a yacht in Cabo San Lucas is easy. Let us know your needs or check our catalog to see the best boat for you.
There are some aspects to consider at the same of choosing a luxury vessel in Cabo:

Cabo San Lucas Luxury Yacht Rentals

Types of Boats in Cabo San Lucas Yacht Charters:

Yacht Charters in Cabo San Lucas has the most popular boat brands, new and old boats. Baja California as a yacht rental destination is growing very fast. Every time there are more yacht available to charter in Los Cabos. Cabo San Lucas being the one with most boats to rent. Generally new yacht owners don't give them boat to be hired, but everyday we see much more who does, specially here in Cabo. San Jose del Cabo has also yacht rentals but not as much as San Jose. The quantity of chartered yachts in San Jose del Cabo is much lower than in Cabo San Lucas, but if you has already been to one of them you must visit the other.

What to do when chartering a yacht from Cabo San Lucas?

The famous arch of Los Cabos is the main attraction for a first time on this Pacific and Mar de Cortes Sea.

First stop is Playa Empacadora, a local local beach near the main marina. Used to be a very famous tuna packer there. After that you will see the Pelican beach. You can do good snorkeling and diving in front of this beach, probably the best nearby. Following is the cave of San Andres and after it is the Beach of Love (Playa del Amor in spanish). You will be able to see the finger of Neptune (a rock formation), also called "the backwards Baja" (La Baja alreves). Next to it you'll see The Window of the Pacific, from where you can see the Pacific see on the other side of the mountain. Then we will have the "stone of Scooby Doo", called like that due to that cartoon dog. And at last, the famous arch of Cabo.

The Arch, Cabo San Lucas Luxury Boat Charter’s favorite

Fishermen say the arch seems to be a dragon drinking from the sea. Last rock formation is "The rock of the end of the land", called like that because is last stone of the Baja Peninsula's map, and where the sea of Cortes meets the Pacific sea. It's also named "The mystery stone".

From 6 hours rental you can visit El Medano beach, a beach for tourists. You will find plenty of beach bars and clubs like Mango Deck's beach bar. The beach is walking distance from the main harbor.

luxury fishing in Cabo San Lucas

One of the best beaches to visit with Yacht Charters in Cabo San Lucas is "Chileno beach". The Chileno has blue flag, which means it is a super beach, best quality in all aspects. Daily cleaned, secured by guards, many trash bins, showers and beach infrastructure. By boat you make one hour to get there, by going slowly and watching the coasts. Right in front of this beach there is snorkeling zone where you will see many kind of colorful sea animals.

Palmilla beach is another place to visit. It is a little far, maybe one hour and a half by cruising. There is snorkeling but not as good as Chileno and arch. At least a 6 hours rental would be needed to meet this beach.

Luxury Yacht Rentals to Cabo Pulmo:

"La creme de la creme". This is the best sport to visit around here. If want you want is the best snorkeling in the zone, this is it. Plenty of all kind and fish, rays, sharks and many more you will find in Cabo Pulpo. It is kind of far. You may depart from La Paz or from San Jose del Cabo, but also San Lucas is good. More or less 12 hours of tour is needed, but it's worth every penny. It is the only living reef above Cancer's tropic. The Mexican government gives you the permits to swim in this place. Diving here is one thing you can't miss if you love scuba diving or free diving.

Economic yacht charters in Cabo San Lucas

Having a cheap yacht rental in Los Cabos is a good option if want you want is saving money. Cabos and La Paz are not as cheap as Cancun but here you can hire 2 hours to go to the sea. In Cancun 2 hours are only available in the lagoon. So for 350 USD we can take you on a yacht here with drinks and snacks, to meet the arch. If want big food, with can add it to the price or you can rent 4 hours to make it included. Usually the smallest the yacht, the cheaper, but there are exceptions. The pontoons we have are also a cheap option fro rent.

Boat charter for groups in Cabo San Lucas

If you have an event, like a wedding or big birthday, a big group boat charter would be best. Luxury yachts in Cabo San Lucas can hold up to 50 people on board, like the Aicon 77 ft. If more than 50, a floating lounge boat can fit 60 people, but we have huge groups boat for up to 300 people. We can arrange all kind of wedding packages for these party group events. Also incentive trips, all sorts of celebrations, parties, birthdays, cocktails, graduations, etc.

Let Yacht Charters in Cabo San Lucas know your suggestions and we will take care of quoting what best suits you.

Have the best dinner near the arch so unforgettable photos take place.

We've got he best of the big boats in Cabo for you. Watch sunset on board a new luxurious yacht in Cabo San Lucas, then watch the stars at night with a bottle of champagne on hand.
Our boats will offer you pretty nice options of food and drinks menu.

Big Events and Group Yacht Party in Cabo

Catamarans and sailboats charters in Cabo San Lucas

If want you are looking for is a long, wide steady boat in Cabo, a catamaran is what you need. These kind of ships can hold up to 60 people on board, plus crew. Lagoons are very popular when luxury is wished. Catamarans are more stable when the water is rough, but sailboats are more romantic if waters are calm. Catamaran Rentals in Cabo San Lucas has many different options depending on the number of people and luxury wanted.

Sailboats are more for couples but they can also be used for adventures. Sailing is one of our favorite doings in Baja. Sailboat charters in Cabo San Lucas is the best option for you if you know how to sail, as captain will allow you to.

economic boats in Cabo San Lucas

Fishing yacht charters in Cabo San Lucas

If want you love is fishing, we offer super luxury fishing yachts and cheap fishing boats too. A fishing charter in Los Cabos is well-known as one of the best in the world, due to its variety of fish you can catch. The black marlin is the best catch here, but there are many type of fish to see. The more time fishing, the better, so an 8 hours trip is recommended for a better luck and fishing spots. We have luxurious fishing yachts, expensive, medium class boats and economic price fishing rentals, which are pangas and old boats. From $699 USD per hour to $250 USD the whole fishing trip. we have it, depending on how comfortable you want it.

It is recommended to rent a fishing yacht or fishing boat of $750 USD, neither super cheap nor super luxurious. Ask us what boats we have now. All fishing charters in Cabo include full fishing equipment, drinks, fuel and crew. Some include food too.

Cabo San Lucas Yacht Charters, your only and best option.

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